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The Finches: Aunt Alexandra vs. Atticus

Atticus and Aunt Alexandra’s moral values and ideas clash, although they were both brought up the same. Atticus sees more clearly and ‘within’ people and their personalities, rather than the social standings and politically incorrect judgment that Alexandra does. It seems like Alexandra is stuck in the past, even though the book was taken place years ago, and Atticus is just a little ahead of his time. They both, however have similar views on the way they want the kids, Scout and Jem, to behave around other. Though Atticus wants them to be their own person in a respectful and polite way, while Aunt Alexandra wants them to fit the status quo of the time by being ‘seen and not heard’. What Atticus sees as uniqueness, While Aunt Alexandra misinterprets them as laws.

Although Atticus and Alexandra are siblings and brought up together, Atticus had a maturity over Alexandra that makes him almost ‘rise above’ her in a morally correct manner. Alexandra portrays herself as having a lot of pride and not being able to deal with her mistakes, while Atticus has the courage to own up to them. He especially appreciates being proven wrong by his children. Although Alexandra’s ideas come off as arrogant, she seems, in a more innocent way, ignorant too how Atticus wants his children to be raised.

Since Atticvus and Alexandra are siblings, there is a different manner of respect between them instead of them being just adult friends. It is clear that they both respect each other, but like Jem and Scout, their ideas clashing and their arguments do not affect or offend one another as it would have if they hadn’t been related. This is probably because whether they do go behind each others back or tell little white lies to each other or argue over the upbringing of Scout and Jem, they will always love and respect each other like basically all siblings do. As different as the two are and as different as their intentions of right and wrong are, they both appreciate one another. I think that this is especially true now that Aunt Alexandra has left her home and immediate family to take care of Scout and Jem. Also because Jem and Scout are not old enough to appreciate her presence or her intentions for the two and her telling them what to do in ways that seem unfair or don’t make sence to them hasn’t gained her their respect. And while Alexandra clearly doesn’t approve of Atticus defending a black man against a white and what reputation it will gain for him and his family, i think she has deep admiration for her brother, just in the way that he does for her while she cares for his kids as if they were her own, even if it isn’t particularly the way he would approach their upbringing. Alexandra seems to have too much pride and almost stubbornness to admit it but overall I think she is proud of her brother the way Atticus is proud of his sister.


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